Welcome to the home of the revolutionary PRO-OILER automatic chain oiler system.

The motorcycle chain lubrication system that can get more than 60,000 miles out of ONE single chain !

It has been a great year for Pro-Oiler!
The new GPS Satellite option received fantastic reviews by our customers and it was awarded with the prestigious award for innovative concepts in the Netherlands. Well done guys!
FVO innovative concept award for Pro-Oiler

We also like to thank Monique who was prepared to install the Pro-Oiler on her Brammo Empulse in front of our camera's.
Check out this cool Video !
Monique installs a Pro-Oiler

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Distance is monitored by GPS satellites, just hook up power, install the hardware and you're ready to go!

  • Speed/distance related oil delivery
  • Electronically controlled precision electromagnetic pump, insensitive to temperature and oil viscosity
  • Adjustable while on the move for wet or dusty conditions
  • Amazingly efficient and economical
  • Genuinely fit-and-forget
Microprocessor Controller Unit Junction Box Precision Electromagnetic Pump Oil Container Sensor Twin Nozzle The PRO-OILER will change the way you think about chain maintenance for ever!
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